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Who are we ?

The association of young professionals for democracy and social progress, AJPro / DPS in acronym, is a non-profit association created by young people close to the Union for Democracy and Social Progress to contribute to the improvement positive governance in the Democratic Republic of Congo through scientific and technical proposals that impact the daily lives of our compatriots.

It groups exclusively young entrepreneurs and employees working in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in the diaspora in various sectors including:

      • The banks ;
      • Telecoms;
      • Public administration;
      • Transport and communication;
      • Teaching;
      • Industry
      • Auditing and consulting firms;
      • Etc.

The association of young professionals for democracy and social progress, AJPro / DPS acronym is governed by the law on the operation of non-profit associations in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We currently have more than 140 scattered members in the country and the diaspora.

Two regular meetings are held every six months. Extraordinary meetings are held regularly by the Executive Committee headed by Flory Mapamboli .



Our objective

The AJPro / DPS Asbl aims, through an appropriate mobilization   :

    •   to set themselves up as intellectual, technical and moral resources   ;
    • to contribute to the effective change of the system of governance, for the establishment of a powerful, modern and democratic rule of law. 

As such, the association aims s   :

    • Promotion of leadership and the participation of young professionals in public life in order to appropriate the destiny of our country   ;
    • Strengthening citizen education of Congolese   ;
    • The struggle for peace, democracy, good governance and development in the Democratic Republic of Congo   ;
    • Establishing a learning environment for public responsibilities   to bring back youth to define and propose public policies in all sectors of national life;
    • The creation of a network of young professionals, scientists for lobbying, advocacy and forums on various topics of national life.
    • The Direct or indirect participation in e governance of the country through the production of concrete proposals diver s sectors of national life   ;
    • The promotion of patriotic values ​​incarnated by the late Doctor Etienne TSHISEKEDI wa MULUMBA.



Our achievements

After a few me s existence only the AJPro / DPS has done a tremendous job in the election campaign of President Felix Tshisekedi and UDPS that of deputies.

It should be noted in passing and in a non-exhaustive way, the production on own funds of 1000 A2 posters, 800 A1 posters of the president distributed in Kinshasa, Greater Bandundu, Ecuador and Kongo-Central.

As regards both national and provincial deputies, 25,000 leaflets for Kinshasa and 5,000 for Kongo-Central were produced and dispatched.

The unwavering commitment of our members allowed us to widely publicize the UDPS society project and the program of our candidate President of the Republic .

We write and transmit regularly memos to the Head of State containing answers to questions of general interestWe also popularize the actions of the Head of State through both social and traditional media.



Our perspectives

The AJPro / DPS Asbl has ambitious ambitions for its development in time and space among others across   ;

      • Participation in urban elections ipales and local munic coming   ;
      • Membership recruitment across all DRC provinces and in the diaspora   ;
      • Participation in the general election of 2023
      • Expanding our influence in national life
      • The relentless support for the actions of the Head of State
      • Etc.

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