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Program Wikipedia.
Broadcast programming, scheduling content for television. Program music, a type of art music that attempts to render musically an extra-musical narrative. Synthesizer patch or program, a synthesizer setting stored in memory. Program, an instrumental song by Linkin Park from LP Underground Eleven.
Computer program Wikipedia.
Upon such a request, the program is loaded into random-access memory, by a computer program called an operating system, where it can be accessed directly by the central processor. The central processor then executes runs" the program, instruction by instruction, until termination.
Program Definition of Program by Merriam-Webster.
Noun a program of regular dental checkups the program will tell us the scheduled order of musical numbers Verb He programmed the computer to calculate his monthly expenses and earnings. She is learning how to program in school. Can you help me program my cell phone?
PROGRAM meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
From the Cambridge English Corpus. Ordinary programs are programs whose goals are ordinary goals. From the Cambridge English Corpus. Note that the limitation to aggregate-stratified programs is justified also from philosophical perspectives. From the Cambridge English Corpus. This property contrasts concurrent programs to purely functional programs whose execution is expected to be confluent.
Program definition of program by The Free Dictionary.
British and American usually program a set of data, instructions etc put into a computer. program programa program das Programm program / programa programm ohjelma programme program program forrit programma programa programma program programma program program programa program program program program program program chng trình.

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